Look Years Younger with These Red Light Therapy Systems

As you age the signs of time etch their path in your face. Your skin begins to sag, lines and wrinkles form, and age spots make their unwanted appearance. Aging causes your collagen and elastin formation to slow way down, cellular activity puts on the brakes, and your facial muscles begin to atrophy resulting in skin that looks much older than you probably feel.

There are two unique red light therapy systems that help turn back the hands of time revealing drastically younger looking skin. They tone, firm, tighten, reduce lines and wrinkles, and diminish age spots.

DPL Therapy System
reVive Beauty System

The DPL Therapy System and reVive Light Therapy are created by the same reputable manufacturer and incorporate high quality LEDs into each system. They help improve the appearance of your skin by delving into your tissue and infusing your cells with reparative properties. These powerful wavelengths stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis and boost cellular activity. This unparalleled technology has been shown to reduce lines, wrinkles, age spots, scarring, as well as firming the skin. The DPL Therapy System utilizes red LEDs at 660 nanometers and infrared LEDs at 880 nanometers. The reVive anti-aging head contains red LEDs at 625 nanometers and infrared LEDs at 830 nanometers.

Quasar MD Package
Baby Quasar PLUS Package

The Quasar MD PLUS and the Baby Quasar PLUS are extremely high end systems. They use high quality luminescent LEDs in 4 powerful wavelengths ranging from 610-850 nanometers allowing each wavelength to reach a different depth in the layers of the skin. These systems have been FDA cleared to diminish wrinkles and are designed to direct the concentrated wavelengths directly into the skin without any scattering. These powerhouses improve the appearance of deep lines and wrinkles, fade age spots, even out skin tone, tighten and firm, and brighten the complexion.

Caribbean Sun CCOL

The Caribbean Sun CCOL Skin Rejuvenation Light is a full panel system that offers serious skin rejuvenation with red LEDs at 660 nanometers and yellow LEDs at 590 nanometers. This system helps to improve the skin by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, fading age spots, evening out skin tone, brightening, tightening the skin, and easing the signs of rosacea.

Why not look as young as you feel? LED light therapy can profoundly impact the health of your skin. Smoother, tighter, firmer, and reduced wrinkles produce a younger look along with a more youthful attitude. These red light therapy systems are simple to use, can be done in your own home, and offer amazing results.